Scary Maze Game – Are you ready ?

scaryScary Maze Game is a game which will make you laugh or make you cry. In fact the Scary Maze Game or just Maze Game is a prank game which is popular all over the world. People use it to prank on their friends and relatives. Youtube is full of such funny videos.  The main idea of the game is to make you concentrate on the game, move closer to the monitor and the scare you hard. The player has to move the small dot through the maze and it seems rather easy task but as you progress in the game, the maze becomes smaller so you will need all your skills not to hit the walls of the maze. Then, when you are most concentrated, the ugly face will pop up and scream making you very scared.

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The best way to have fun with scary maze game is to ask your friend some help, tell him that you cannot complete this difficult game. As soon as he opens the game - he is a new victim of the scary maze game. Playing the scary maze game is really easy, all actions are made using mouse. To get the best result, I will recommend you to turn on your headphones.  You should also keep in mind, that there are a lot of different remakes of this game available on the internet, and some of them are not as fun as the original one. That's why, the ScaryMazeGame.Org.Uk is the place where you can play the original version of Scary maze game for free, anytime you want. Hope you will have some fun.

Notice:  In order to have fun, you should open the game in full window, so here is the link to the game without any word about what is going to happen. Good luck, victim :)